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Struggling to Break 100, 95 or even 90?

Let a 50 YEAR golfer and golf veteran
train your brain & change your game, forever!

All in One Golf Training Package
Guaranteed Results in a 4 Week Course!

Leather Training Glove

Training Glasses

Training Mat

Training Videos


Designed to teach you how to make consistent contact with the club face
and to stop you from hitting in the weeds, water, and woods!


  • TYBG 100% Leather Golf Glove (Value: $30)
  • TYBG Training Glasses w/ Lanyard (Value $15)
  • Indoor Training Mat (Value: $5)
  • 3 Online Video Training Lessons (Value: $100)
  • Online Support - Send Us Your Videos!

Golf Grandmaster

Listen to TYBG Owner & Inventor, Don Thurman, explain why so many amateurs fail at the game of golf. 

Did you know? 90% of golfers struggle to break 100 with an average score being 95.


How To Lower Your Golf Score


The name of the game IS NOT about trying your best to birdie, but more about trying to bogey less by eliminating those costly mis-hits.

Who Can Use Train Your Brain Golf?

Men, women & children of all ages.
Beginner golfers just starting out.
Any golfer that is having trouble making consistent contact with the ball and struggling to break 100, 95 or 90, regardless of their years of practice.

What Will Train Your Brain Golf  Teach You?


  • Proper Grip

  • Posture & Stance

  • 1/2 & 3/4 Swing

  • Head & Eye Contact

  • Club Face Contact

  • Training Your Brain

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    Follow Don's golf lessons and practice instructions to a tee!

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Meet the Teacher

Don Thurman

Don began playing golf  in 1955 at the age of ten and has been playing ever since!  He's watched decade after decade golfers struggle and has a clear understanding of why. He has a passion to teach others a skill he has developed over time and truly wants others to have fun playing golf.  He understands that many players of all ages enjoy the great game, but many are frustrated with the lack of success they have after not being able to really hit the ball on a consistent basis. As he as gotten older, his passion for teaching others has grown and now in his seventies, wants to pass on his knowledge to others so that they too can enjoy playing for years to come.



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Personal & Money Back Guarantee

Personal Guarantee – We’re confident that if you following the TYBG program as instructed, you will see improvements in your game in a short period of time. We take pride in helping others learn to improve their game. If you follow the golf instructions provided and it doesn’t work for you, Don will take you by the hand and work with you personally to see what is going on.  We are here to help and want you to succeed!

Money Back Guarantee – If you follow the TYBG instructions and use the TYBG training aids as shown in the videos and still do not get results within the first sixty days, we’ll be happy to refund your money .  You will be responsible for paying for shipping back the training supplies (glove, glasses, lanyard & training mat), but you will receive a full refund for your original purchase excluding any shipping costs.

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Get Instant Access to Our 3-Video Training Series and We'll Ship TYBG Training Gear Today!

Leather Training Glove

Training Glasses

Training Mat

Training Videos

Additional Information

  • The TYBG video program and training aids are custom tailored for anyone 10 years or older.
  • The TYBG training glove comes in 3 sizes (small, medium & large) with an adjustable strap for a perfect fit.
  • See order page for TYBG glove sizing instructions.
  • The TYBG glasses are a one size fits all and even fit over your eye glasses, if necessary.